New Year’s Resolutions

My resolutions have taken up quite a bit of thought this year, mostly because I am looking to add a Bible study to my daily habits (in addition to my “basic” Bible reading) and have thought long on which one to commit to… I do so hate to resolve to do something and then find myself bored with it.

So I scanned through MANY different ones, and found a study that is going through the challenge of Biblical Womanhood – the place of women in the home, and how to find a “happy place” in submission to your husband.  I have always GREATLY struggled with this, (don’t laugh) and I’ve been very apprehensive about doing a study on this – nothing like conviction of the Spirit to help you feel motivated!

In any case, in finding this study (the link is posted on the main page), I also found many, MANY other blogs, studies, etc. (read:challenges) on the place of women in the home, and how that can translate into an actual daily LIFE.

So without further ado, my resolutions:

1) Begin Bible study on Proverbs 31

2) Find ways to empower my husband in his role as the protector and leader in our home

3) Discover a new direction for health – this is kind of a two-parter – a)after reading Nourishing Traditions, I feel that many of the views I’ve held of “health” are, if not wrong, at least not ALWAYS applicable; and b)learn new ways of organizing meals and shopping to make the most of our budget and my TIME.

4) Come up with a better way to parent my children – we’re heading into a severe discipline challenge with our soon-to-be 3 year old, and I want to find a more efficient way of training him to be obedient rather than constant reprimanding.

5) and finally, make the commitment to a Bible time with Brian – we need to be able to delve into God’s word at the same time – we’re desperately missing that!

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

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