Blessings, but…

Another fantastic posting by Andrea Parunak regarding how we (especially as Christians) consider children.

Blessings, but…
Since the original posting of this piece, multiple people have misunderstood my position. This led me to add the some clarifications to the comment thread. I thought it might prevent further confusion to include them here as well. The original post follows these points.

1. The purpose of my post was to address our attitude toward children, NOT to advocate “producing as many children as humanly possible,” or “maximizing your output of babies.” The point of this post is that children are a blessing. That is all. And that is why I chose those verses (Psalm 127:3-5, Psalm 128:3-4). I do not think that those Psalms command anything. They are statements of fact.

2. There is NO command in Scripture to have as many children as possible.

Read the rest here.

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