Menu for the Week


Even before I became a wife and mother, I learned that writing up a menu is always practical…
Especially for those of us who don’t like change, surprises, or to run out of money at the end of the month!

I’ve decided to start posting my menu plans here, so that I can begin directing those who have had questions about
“Just WHAT do you feed your kids?!”

Here is this week’s menu, along with prep schedule:

breakfast: waffles, bananas, nut butter
lunch: potato and carrot soup, blueberries
dinner: chili, cornbread

breakfast: potato pancakes, eggs, toast
am snack: bananas with nuts
~Jacob’s Birthday Lunch at the Zoo!~
dinner: rice, chicken, and green bean casserole

breakfast: blueberry muffins, yogurt
am snack: crackers, peanut butter
lunch: cheesy pasta bake, peas
pm snack: popcorn balls, raisins
dinner: Brian’s Staff Party

breakfast: biscuits, eggs, fruit
am snack: crackers, peanut butter
lunch: enchilada bake, salad
pm snack: tortilla chips, salsa
dinner: sweet potato fries, beet greens

breakfast: rice pudding with raisins
am snack: yogurt, blueberries
lunch: quinoa and millet pilaf, mixed vegetables
pm snack: trail mix, oranges
dinner: tamale pie, salad

breakfast: cornmeal mush, oranges
am snack: applesauce, graham sticks
lunch: Mexican roasted potatoes, green beans
pm snack: dried fruit, crackers
dinner: bean soup, garlic bread, salad

breakfast: baked fruit pancake, sweetened sour cream
lunch: Uncle Steve’s Roast, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes
***Jacob’s 3rd Birthday***
~Pizza Party~

Sabbath evening
•    soak flour for waffles
•    soak cornmeal for cornbread
•    soak beans for chili
•    grate potatoes for pancakes
•    soak flour for bread
•    make bread
•    make casserole for dinner
•    soak flour for muffins
•    soak popcorn
•    soak flour for biscuits
•    soak rice for pudding
•    soak quinoa, millet
•    soak cornmeal for mush
•    dice and marinate potatoes
•    soak beans for soup
•    soak flour for pancake
•    make roast
•    boil potatoes
•    Pizza Party Prep

Visit Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu planning tips and ideas!


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