My new Bible study!

Since I decided to make resolutions this year, one of which was a commitment to a Bible study, I began looking for one that seemed to fit with my goals for not only my marriage, but my life as well.  And wouldn’t you know it, I found one.

And really, how I found it is completely “God”. 🙂  I had recently received a book called “Nourishing Traditions“, a fantastic book that delves into dietary stuff – real challenging for someone who loves this kind of thing (like me).  When a friend of mine heard I was having trouble with some of the recipes in the book, she recommended a site called The Nourishing Gourmet.  After searching through the site, I found several other blogs,  and then other blogs – long story short, I was lead to Biblical Womanhood…  all through the purchase of a cookbook! 🙂  (That means I should buy more, right?? ;))

I feel that I was totally led to this site – I had toyed with the concept of “submission” to my husband, but being the ahem, challenge, that I am, I have really, really, really struggled with the actual follow-through.  My mother grew up in a large Catholic family, of which 7 are girls, and to say that the females are the dominant in their relationships is an understatement.  My only example of “a woman submitting to her husband” really has been through books/blogs/etc… [Not that I feel that my mother is not a good person, nor is she somehow “less” of a Christian, but I do feel that there has been some … neglect for certain Christian exemplars].

My husband has been very supportive of my “learning curve” in our marriage.  VERY supportive.  But I have always had trouble with the idea of submitting myself to his judgment.  After all, I am older more mature, I was a Child Development major (so I know it ALL, honey! ;)), and… you get the idea.  Also, I was brought up quite a bit more strictly and possibly trained a bit more in “religion” – so I truly felt more “Christian” than him for a good deal of our marriage.  However, the Lord brought that to my attention with a 2×4 in the last few months… Specifically how I damage him as a leader, and myself as a wife, when I consider myself more than his equal… *sigh* I still am rather ashamed of many of the thoughts/comments I made to him in the beginning of our life together.  As I said – very supportive of my learning curve!!

In any case, I am looking forward to the new place that Christ is taking me – and the new person I know He is longing I become!

2 thoughts on “My new Bible study!

  1. Wow, our Sovereign God is GOOD! I’m so delighted to meet you precious sister Meg! Welcome to the study!

    I can COMPLETELY relate to who you are today and am presently smiling as I can already see the woman God is crafting you to be – in the quiet beauty and image of Christ Jesus our Lord! 🙂

    Believe it or not, I was once the same woman as you are today. Only our awesome God would use such an arrogant, contentious, self-righteous woman such as myself to write and teach a study on biblical submission.

    This just continues to prove that our God’s word is always true. For it most certainly never depends on the efforts of man, but God alone, who is the Potter and we all are His clay.

    May your life bring brim rich with the aroma of Jesus Christ our Lord! ♥

    Bless you precious sister,

  2. Welcome to the study! I can relate to where you are coming from, because I didn’t have any examples of submissive women in my life as well, so it has been quite the struggle(and still is sometimes!) for me. But, I was led to this study too, and feel like it has done nothing but bless me and my marriage, so I know it will do the same for you!

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