I’m rather at a quandary as to how to explain my current infatuation with gardening.

I grew up in a household that did a lot of gardening, canning, freezing, etc.

But my biggest contributions to that growing up were making sure the garden was weeded.¬† I really never “helped” until I was much older.

Now that I am “older”, and “older with children to feed”, I have suddenly found the motivation to start gardening again, if only because it lets me relive those happy days of mudpies weeding in the garden.

This Tuesday, I am grateful for the opportunity to plant, weed, water, and harvest from my own garden.
We ate peas tonight from the garden – itty bitty little guys that my 3 year old was so excited to bring in and “steam, Mama, don’t cook them!”

I am anxiously awaiting the last frost date to put in the rest of my garden, but each time I watch our 14 month old munching on a stem of broccoli he managed to grap, or see the excitement in Jake’s face at the thought of putting potatoes in the ground “But then how will we eat them?”, I am reminded of the sheer joy that God blesses us with in the process of growing our own food.

Thank You God, for the blessing of our garden.
May we find the ability to bless others with its bounty,
and ourselves with Your glory.

Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemaker for the inspiration of Gratituesday

5 thoughts on “Graitituesday!

  1. OH, How I wish I could plan my garden right now…
    Seeds CHECK
    Ready to do the work CHECK CHECK CHECK
    Ground ready? NOPE!!!!

    We can’t plant here until mid MAY!!! UGH, I am so itchen to get the stuff grown!!!!! Yeah for you and teaching your kids about gardening!!!! We love it here!!!!

  2. I had my first garden last summer. Well, attempt at a garden. It lasted not even a week, as we got a huge storm/tornado shortly after we planted. I’m really excited to give it another try this year! Glad you and your kiddos have enjoyed yours!

  3. We have just in the last year began to garden and I, too, love watching the excitement my children get of planting, picking, and eating things that are grown there! It just makes God so real to plant a tiny seed and watch it grow into vegetables!

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