Finer Things Friday

I’m quite certain that one of the finer things in life is the ability to make something from practically nothing…
Our two boys (ages 3 and 1) took the invitation to “Go. Play.” quite seriously yesterday afternoon… and while, of course, my camera is broken,
and therefore there is no photo documentation of this moment, I have to tell you…

If you find your Papa’s rototiller, and pull the spark plug wires out,
and then use those to twist together branches that you pulled from the orange trees ,
you can actually get a decent tent. Small, and a bit rickety, but still…

a tent.

Lord, please, next time, let me find a camera!

And that, folks, is a finer thing of life.

Join Amy for more Finer Things Friday!


4 thoughts on “Finer Things Friday

  1. Oh my! Hope the spark plug wires were an easy fix. Childhood inventions never cease to amaze me. A Finer Thing, indeed.

    Thanks for linking up! Amy

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