My little Green Project


My little Green Project this week is on MAKING GREEN

A few months ago I came across a lady in Whole Foods, staring at the shelves.
And instantly, I knew.

Recent convert.

I know, I know… we all have to start somewhere.  But it’s always so entertaining interesting to watch people learn about healthy eating, and unfortunately (and not nearly as entertaining) is to watch them fail miserably after one week.  I have seen it quite a bit – folks jump on the healthy eating/organic [don’t get me started on that one] bandwagon, and then find themselves completely at a loss for “WHAT COMES NEXT?”

So, a quick prayer upwards, I approached this lovely lady (yes, I asked her if I could use her for an example!) and inquired if I could help her with something…

“No, I don’t work here… I just enjoy healthy food, and I know how overwhelming it can get.”

I thought she was going to cry.  She shared how she was struggling with a child with a recently diagnosed soy/milk allergy, and when I offered to walk through the aisles with her, she offered me money.

I told her no. Really. Several times.

But when she asked if I would write up menus for her, and possibly do her shopping for her, I did accept.
And this lovely lady told her friends, and they’ve told theirs.

Now, it’s nothing HUGE, but it’s enough that we’re going to be able to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium 3 hours from our house, buy tickets, lunch, and then have a nice meal at a great place in Monterey.

So all I’m saying is… the possibility is out there.  For those of us who don’t mind doing the “extra steps” of meal planning, organizing, etc…

There are those who either don’t enjoy it, don’t have the time, or just plain ol’ rather have someone else do it…
(and my mother is one of them too ;))

Find them. Guide them.
and there’s always a possibility you can benefit from it too.


One thought on “My little Green Project

  1. this is absolutely awesome! you helped someone out with a some help from up above, awesome! I still have days struggling at whole foods, last week I think i was at the place for over and hour and i have been shopping and grown up in a grocery store, any help is always nice..

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