Menu for March 8th-14th


Our food budget was finally replenished this last weekend, so I hit the stores
(well, who am I kidding, I only go to one – Whole Foods loves my Whole Paycheck)

I had a list. Really. And I stuck to it. I even got everything on it!
Usually it’s not that I don’t stick to my menu plan (because I do – like glue), it’s that I end up buying
“Oh just in case I decided to make ____ I’m going to need ____”

and of course I never do.
Make or need.


So I’m going to try to use up the masa harina, beef bones (cos I never have gotten around to making that stock…), frozen ground chicken (where did THAT come from?), some Amy’s burgers I’ve had in the freezer, a bag of frozen plums from ’07,  and of course, somehow convince my mother to stop BUYING bread (“You know I MAKE it, right, Ma??” [… and yes, my bread tastes good… just a little FYI :)])


breakfast: baked plum pancake, sweetened sour cream
lunch: potatoes, chicken chili, and sour cream
dinner: leftover lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad

breakfast: 9 grain cereal, pears
am snack: yogurt fruit shakes
lunch: potato fingers, ranch dressing, broccoli/kale
pm snack: cinnamon popcorn balls, raisins
dinner: waffles, berry compote, whipped cream

breakfast: garden vegetable frittata
am snack: cheese, pears
lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches, pickles
pm snack: oranges, trail mix
dinner: baked fish, peas, bread, salad

breakfast: French toast, blueberries
am snack: yogurt dip, fruit
lunch: pasta e fagoli soup, bread, salad
pm snack: Farmer’s Market fruit samples
dinner: corn tortilla tacos, cortido slaw

breakfast: oatmeal, applesauce
am snack: graham crackers, plum jam
lunch: pasta bake, green beans
pm snack: vegetable sticks with white bean dip
dinner: chipotle sweet potatoes, broccoli, salad

breakfast: fried sweet potatoes, eggs, toast
am snack: pears, sprouted wheat crackers
lunch: quesadillas, guacamole
pm snack: tortilla chips, salsa
dinner: lentil vegetable soup, bread, salad

breakfast: quiche, fruit
lunch: manicotti, salad, bread
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Prep Schedule

Sabbath night:
defrost plums
mix up sour cream
marinate chicken in chili sauce

Sunday night:
soak cereal
make ranch dressing
soak flour for waffles

Monday night:
chop veggies for frittata
defrost fish

Tuesday night:
soak bread for french toast
mix up yogurt dip
defrost beans for soup
soak masa for tortillas

Wednesday night:
soak oatmeal
defrost pasta bake
make white bean dip
marinate sweet potatoes

Thursday night:
slice sweet potatoes
soak lentils for soup
soak flour for bread (if Mom doesn’t have a loaf already!)

Friday afternoon:
make bread
make crust for quiche
make manicotti

Visit Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu planning tips and ideas!

One thought on “Menu for March 8th-14th

  1. wow you are out of my league! I wish that I could do this much and be so organized! arg whole foods, i love it but is so expensive, i also have to drive a bit to go to one, but it worth it!

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