This week I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of my parents.

My parents worked very hard when we were growing up to instill Christian values, and PLENTY of commonsense … not that I ever really paid attention to that last part…

I am grateful to my mother for giving me the time and patience it took to read for HOURS to me, for the challenge of striving for a healthier lifestyle, and, most importantly, for her example of a personal walk with the Lord.  I cannot tell you how many mornings we’ve awoken to find her sitting in her bathrobe at the kitchen table with her Bible.  My mother’s visible commitment to personal Bible study has given me the motivation to “find the time”… If she could do it working full time and being a mother  to my sister and I… I can too. 🙂

I’m grateful for my father for taking the time to teach me how to enjoy gardening, and also how to make use of the things you grow!  I have to laugh now, to think of EVERY SINGLE serious conversation/discussion I’ve ever had with my father has taken place in the garden – usually pulling weeds… 🙂  Him, not me. I can’t do that talk and pull at the same time thing 😉  Or skinning peaches and singing along with the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.

Sometimes in the day to day hassle of sharing space – especially at this point in time where we’ve all learned to live “separately” and now have to deal with “togetherness” – we forget all the benefits of family support.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessings that are my parents.
May our lives continue to be enriched by them,
and may we be a shining example of their commitment to You.

Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemaker for the inspiration of Gratituesday

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