Menu for March 15th – 21st


My menu this week contains lots of the “same” things… there’s a broccoli theme this week because our broccoli plants are on their last leg, and I hate to let any of those delicious little sprigs go to waste… besides, the kids love to eat the little flowers on them! 🙂

I’m also making the attempt this week to USE MY LEFTOVERS… usually I just make enough for myself and the boys to eat, plus enough for Brian to take for his meals… but that makes me end up writing a completely new meal 3 times a day, 7 days a week.  So I’m going to try making “more” than usual, and then using it another day… Shocking, I know… Should have been doing this a LONG time ago!!


breakfast: fruity milkshakes, toast
lunch: Out to eat with Grampa and Nana
dinner: burgers, fries, snap peas

breakfast: apple puffed pancake, milk
am snack: dried cranberries, almonds
lunch: broccoli salad, pita chips, hummus
pm snack: sourdough pretzels, apple slices
dinner: baked salmon, gratin potatoes

breakfast: St Patrick’s Day milkshakes
am snack: Irish soda bread, pears
lunch: Reuben sandwiches, carrot sticks
pm snack: shamrock cookies
dinner: corned beef, cabbage, salad

breakfast: corned beef hash, eggs
am snack: cream cheese, crackers
lunch: turkey sandwiches, veggie sticks with dip
pm snack: coconut muffins, milk
dinner: herb chicken breast, mashed potatoes, salad

breakfast: potato pancakes, fruit
am snack: bananas, chopped walnuts
lunch: beet salad, leftover chicken
pm snack: yogurt, granola
dinner: broccoli and cheese calzones

breakfast: salmon quiche, fruit
am snack: peanut butter and honey sandwiches
lunch: fried rice with vegetables
pm snack: trail mix, oranges
dinner: broccoli soup, bread, salad

Day trip to the Monterey Aquarium!


Sabbath evening: cut up fruit for shakes

Sunday evening: defrost salmon

Monday evening: make corned beef, soak flour for soda bread

Tuesday evening:  boil potatoes, defrost chicken

Wednesday evening: start beet salad marinating, soak flour for calzones

Thursday evening: mix up quiche batter, defrost crust, soak flour for bread

Friday afternoon: chop broccoli for soup, make bread, prep sandwiches for trip

Visit Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu planning tips and ideas!

3 thoughts on “Menu for March 15th – 21st

  1. Enjoy the aquarium. It sounds like alot of fun.
    Happy MPM Day and St. Patrick’s Day.
    It’s a beautiful spring day in Vegas. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

  2. It is always intrequing to me when I find others who follow YHVH but in a non-religion way. My husband and I follow the Bible with growing minds but wish to follow closely the words, not the traditions of organizations. It appears that you may be similar. I took am always in contact with

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