My Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

green vegetables
This is the delightful amount of green I culled from my garden this morning.

That’s 4 heads of cabbage, about 3 lbs of broccoli, and 5 pea pods
(there were more peas, but… *sigh* the boys were hungry)

And just to keep it truly Irish today:

orange counting
… a wee bit o’th orange.
Jake’s using what I like to call “applied manipulatives”
First we pick the oranges (actually tangeloes), then count them, then apply pressure, and voila! we have juice 😉

… and it went well with the broccoli. Really.

[If I was truly gifted in the techno world, I would have the Irish Rovers “The Orange and the Green” as background music for this post. But seeing as how I’m doing good getting the PICTURES here… yeah…]

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