A Finer Thing of Life

baby goats

It is a fine thing in life,
watching the beauty of God’s creation at work.

… we have babies!!

Our goat, Molly, gave birth this morning to three (3)! beautiful baby goats – two boys (ahem), and one lovely little girl, whom we will be keeping to add to our “herd”.

Molly is a LaMancha goat, hence the cute little non-ears, and her babies are a mix of SOMETHING and LaMancha.  My father was really hoping for a girl with little ears (he likes those ;)), but had to settle for a cutie girl with long floppy ears.baby goats

We didn’t even realize she was in labor until we came out to do chores this morning and (Moma) saw hooves sticking out the back!

We decided that maybe 3 years old was a BIT too young for all the blood and guts that comes with birth…

and honestly, I don’t think Papa really wanted to deal with all the questions that would likely accompany such an event 😉

baby goats

So here they are!

… we have decided to not name the male goats (stinky one and stinky two will have to suffice) as they will not be in our possession for long.

The female, however, has been dubbed

… Polly, for short.

Join Amy for more Finer Things!

8 thoughts on “A Finer Thing of Life

  1. We have been enjoying baby goats lately too. My parents have them and we have been over a couple of times and my kids have had lots of fun with them.

    THey have a bunch of the non-eared goats too, which is good for our cold climate as they don’t freeze off when it gets really cold but personally I like the ones with a little longer ears better.

  2. Oh, I am loving your farming life! What precious goats! Do your kids drink the milk? Our goal is to get a goat that we can milk one day! Great name for little Polly!

    • Our kids do drink the milk – that’s the main reason we purchased her. We all have cow milk sensitivities/allergies (unless it’s raw, which means $$), so our best option was a goat! 🙂 When we researched the cost of buying raw cow milk vs. raw goat milk vs. buy a goat – the goat came out the cheapest! Plus, we have fantastic moments like this. 🙂

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