This week I am grateful for fish.


Yes, I like to eat them too.

But this week it’s all about the live ones.
Ones that still swim,
still amaze,
and still cause us to pause in wonder at our Lord’s creation.


We are blessed to have an aquarium within 3 hours driving time,
and several weekends ago, we spent a day there with some friends of ours.

Neither of our boys had ever been,
as the closest they’ve been to a fish has been the little dinky aquarium we saw in the lobby of a restaurant once.
(Which is what gave us the idea.)

aquariumYup, that’s a shark… less than a yard from my baby.

We had a ridiculously good time,
and I have two tickets that we ended up not needing
(thanks to my generous Auntie and Uncle lending us their passes)
so we will be making a trip back in the next few months.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of your creation,
and the wonder it inspires in us.
May we continue to find Your glory within all we see.

Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for the inspiration of Graituesday!


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