Menu for April 5th – 11th


Our menu is finally back on track!
I knew it was going to be difficult to try and get back into the swing of things after taking two weeks off, but I have sorely missed seeing the menu posted on our fridge!

This week we are going to be blessed with turkey…  a LARGE turkey.  My husband’s grandparents received a turkey at Christmastime “free with purchase” from Vons, and saved it for us in their deep freeze… which broke this week.

So we will be picking the turkey up tomorrow and roasting it… mmm… it’s like Thanksgiving in April! 🙂

I’ll also be making stock, and freezing some of the meat, mostly just because I don’t want to have to eat turkey for the ENTIRE week! 😉

I also received some questions about my recipes – why I don’t have them listed/linked… that’s because I usually pull my menu ideas out of cookbooks, not online.  I am always happy to share recipes, but I just haven’t had the time to post ALL the recipes I use.  Please let me know if there are any in particular you’d like me to share, or just email me and I’ll get back to you within the day (barring all hell breaking loose, of course.)


breakfast: waffles, berry syrup, spiced peaches
lunch: pita wedges, hummus, chopped green salad
dinner: buttered chicken, coos-coos, green beans

breakfast: french toast, peach syrup
am snack: graham crackers, bananas
lunch: vegeburgers, tater-tots
pm snack: yogurt, blueberries
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: hashbrowns, fried eggs, fruit
am snack: peanut butter, crackers
lunch: egg salad sandwiches, celery sticks
pm snack: carrots, ranch dip
dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad

breakfast: baked cinnamon oatmeal, peaches
am snack: pears, cheese
lunch: turkey sandwiches
pm snack: berry slushies
dinner: parmesan fish fillets, rice pilaf, salad

breakfast: vegetable quiche, fruit
am snack: snap peas, dip
lunch: meatball stew, rolls, salad
pm snack: bananas, chopped nuts
dinner: baked macaroni and cheese, peas, salad

breakfast: peaches & cream milkshakes
am snack: applesauce, graham sticks
lunch: vegetable stir-fry with noodles
pm snack: popcorn balls
dinner: corn chowder, biscuits, salad

breakfast: spiced fruit muffins
lunch: Uncle Steve’s roast, green beans, roasted potatoes, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Prep Schedule

Sabbath evening
– soak flour for waffles, thaw peaches
– defrost chicken, soak coos-coos

Sunday evening
– puree peaches for syrup
– soak flour for pizza dough

Monday evening
– defrost hashbrowns
– boil eggs, chop celery
– prep turkey for cooking
– boil potatoes for mashing

Tuesday evening
– soak oatmeal, defrost peaches
– marinate cod fillets, soak rice for pilaf

Wednesday evening
– mix up quiche batter, make dough for quiche
– defrost meatball stew and rolls

Thursday evening
– soak flour for biscuits
– soak flour for muffins Sabb. am

Friday afternoon
– chop potatoes, make roast
– make muffins

Be sure to join Laura for more than 400 new menu plans each week!

2 thoughts on “Menu for April 5th – 11th

  1. I am excited to find your blog! I think I will have to be more detailed in my menu plan. Those things have to be done and it will be wonderful to have it on “paper” so I can see ahead of time.

    Question: do you have a post on soaking and baking with soaked grains? I have began slowly transitioning our food in the Nourishing Traditions methods, but soaking grains for baking I have not made it there!

    Love the fact you have the snacks all planned out. And I love the fact that others eat as often as we do!!!


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