Menu for April 19th – 25th



breakfast: whole wheat pancakes, strawberries, sweetened cream
lunch: avocado and tomato sandwiches, lemonade
dinner: baked fish w/fennel and herbs, parmesan potatoes, salad

breakfast: apple puffed pancake, maple syrup
am snack: bananas, chopped nuts
lunch: fish tacos, cabbage
pm snack: dried apples, raisins
dinner: spaghetti, fresh tomato sauce, broccoli

breakfast: mushroom and herb omelet
am snack: chips, guacamole
lunch: stir-fried vegetables, soba noodles
pm snack: crispy almonds, dried cranberries
dinner: curry chicken, rice, salad

breakfast: baked eggs with tomatoes
am snack: rosemary walnuts, cheese
lunch: grilled cheese with sausage and spinach
pm snack: pita chips, hummus
dinner: potatoes gratin, peas, salad

breakfast: 10 grain cereal, apples
am snack: celery, nut butter
lunch: alphabet pasta, steamed carrots
pm snack: trail mix, oranges
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: fried potatoes and eggs
am snack: cherries, crispy cashews
lunch: quinoa pilaf, mixed vegetables
pm snack: graham crackers, peanut butter
dinner: chicken tortilla soup, salad

breakfast: rugelach, peaches
lunch: enchiladas, salad
dinner: spiced popcorn, fruit

Prep Schedule

Sabbath evening
– soak flour for pancakes
-slice strawberries
– thaw fish
– chop and marinate potatoes

Sunday evening
– soak flour for puffed pancake
– chop nuts
– shred fish for tacos

Monday evening
– start chicken stock
– chop herbs and mushrooms for omelet
– soak rice
– start ginger carrots

Tuesday evening
– make pita chips
– start kombucha

Wednesday evening
– soak cereal
– soak flour for pizza crust
– make cream cheese & whey

Thursday evening
– soak pilaf
– soak flour for rugelach
– soak almonds

Friday afternoon
– make rugelach
– make enchiladas

Be sure to join Laura for more than 400 new menu plans each week!


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