This week I am grateful for electricity.

When my sister and I were growing up, my parents used to have
“Pioneer Days”
where we would not use any electricity…
(of course, our well was electric, but they made us use the hose outside to get water. :))
My father collects kerosene lamps, so we always had light.
We had a gas stove, so we had heat/cooking abilities.
So basically it was just a day without laundry or television.


… fast forward to our home now,
located on our parents property.

We have had modified electricity restrictions since we moved here
(read: lights, water)
and this last week, my husband, father, and grandfather put in a new electric line to our home so we could have

trenchingtrenching for the wire


Thank You Lord, for those who help without asking,
for those who give without expecting anything in return.
May we in turn be a blessing to those around us.

Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for the inspiration of Gratituesday!

One thought on “Gratituesday!

  1. some of the best pictures I think my mom has is when my brother helped put up a clothesline with my dad he was no bigger than the young man in the picture
    have a great day

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