Menu for April 26th – May 2nd


We’re at the tail end of the month, and my budget is not going to be replenished until the 7th, not to mention it’s going to be $120 dollars short, because we had to pull some out for another expense this month…

So beans and rice it is!
Well, hopefully not that drastically boring. 🙂

breakfast: fried potato hash, eggs, toast
lunch: sandwiches and fruit (boys on a hiking trip)
dinner: lambchops, sauteed kohlrabi, salad (I haven’t ever made kohlrabi this way… we’ll see how it turns out)

breakfast: baked apples (there was a sale on apples!) with nuts and cream
am snack: nutty trail mix
lunch: cheese and turkey panini with spinach (this really isn’t as hard as you’d think –
two pans, smash the bread in between, and weigh it down with the top pan full of water. Makes for good fun ;))
pm snack: ants on a log
dinner: quinoa tabbouleh salad, leftover lamb

breakfast: strawberries, cream, biscuits
am snack: crackers, cheese
lunch: red lentil soup, rolls
pm snack: blue popcorn balls (we use the “blue kernel” corn, and then add some dried blueberries to the mix)
dinner: curried potatoes, greens, rice

breakfast: asparagus, poached eggs (and probably hollandaise sauce for Brian and I)
am snack: crispy almonds, apple slices
lunch: lamb stew (which means whatever leftover stuff I have, plus l/o lamb, plus some asparagus from breakfast), bread
pm snack: nachos, guacamole
dinner: 3 bean chili, cornbread, salad

breakfast: banana smoothies (use leftover to make popsicles)
am snack: graham crackers, nut butter
lunch: sausage, greens, leftover cornbread
pm snack: bean dip with sour cream, chips
dinner: focaccia with olives and cheese, salad

breakfast: spicy scrambled eggs, toast
am snack: poppy seed muffins
lunch: maple baked beans, sauteed spinach with garlic
pm snack: chocorob dipped banana pops (I use half carob/half chocolate…
cause I loves my chocolate, but the kids don’t need that much of it)
dinner: spring pea soup, bread, salad

breakfast: cherry scones, cream, fruit
lunch: lasangna, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Prep Schedule
Sabbath evening
-boil potatoes for hash
– defrost lambchops

Sunday evening
– core and fill apples for breakfast
– soak quinoa

Monday evening
– slice strawberries
– soak flour for biscuits
– soak lentils

Tuesday evening
– soak beans
– soak masa for cornbread

Wednesday evening
– soak flour for focaccia
– mash and season beans for dip
– soak white beans for maple baked beans

Thursday evening
– soak flour for muffins
– defrost stock for soup

Friday afternoon
– make lasanga
– soak flour for scones

Be sure to join Laura for more than 400 new menu plans each week!


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