This week I’m grateful for MONEY.

The large amounted kind.

Sad, I know, that cold hard cash still gives me a thrill.
I’m sure I missed a sermon somewhere about the evils of loving money.
But in today’s economy, and particularly in our bank accounts,
every little bit helps.

So when the deposit from our tax refund came through last week,
I jumped around for a while.
After tithing, some significant reduction of credit card debt,
we had enough to pay off our insurance for the YEAR,
AND purchase a new car (thank you Ebay!)
AND, possibly, hopefully,
take a vacation.
A real one.

Thank You Lord, for your generosity in our lives,
for the guidance through the tough, tight, and penny-pinching times.
May we continue to fall upon Your grace,
no matter what our circumstances.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!

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