Going Green – with everything but the womb.

I really enjoy what Kelly from Generation Cedar has to say on MANY topics, but this one in particular caught my eye.  Enjoy!

“…Recently, our culture has seen a major “green” shift toward all things natural.  Every product you pick up is vying for your tendency toward what is natural.  The environmentalist groups are picketing for us to leave the earth as it is naturally.

Don’t cut the trees.

Leave the animals alone.

It’s even showing up in the latest trends in landscaping–natural is better.

There’s a move toward natural childbirth, natural skin products, natural (organic) gardening–the buzz word is “LEAVE IT AS IT IS”.

Except in the area of reproduction…”

Read the rest here.

2 thoughts on “Going Green – with everything but the womb.

  1. I’ve thought this myself, although I’m still obeying my husband regarding the active prayer, “God, bless us not with more bundles of joy than we have room to house.” I have questioned the use of bc, and admired those with enough faith not to use it.

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