This week I am grateful for my mommy.
Just because it’s going to be Mother’s Day this weekend,
I’ll exploit it for all it’s worth. šŸ™‚

Yup, that’s my mommy.
When she was younger than me.
Before children.
Briefly after marriage.
My father’s pride and joy.
(Well, she’s holding the boxes of them, anyway ;))

She still makes the most sublime pie crusts,
stuffed with those delicious berries, and I’m grateful every day
that she consistently took the time to let us either watch or help
as she worked in the kitchen.

It’s still my favorite way to irritate spend time with her,
sitting on a chair in the kitchen while she’s trying to work finishing a task,
talking to her about anything that comes to mind.

Yup, I am that daughter.
mommy and me
Heavenly Father, as we approach a holiday that dedicates itself to our mothers,
may we be reminded that we honor them each day
with the lives we lead and the choices we make.
May we bring joy to their lives
in the same way they brought life to ours.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!


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