Real Food Wednesday

This week my contribution is cheesecake.
A special kind of cheesecake.
A strawberry, naturally sweetened to your taste, cheesecake.
Picture of Strawberries - Free Pictures -

Here’s the method:
Take a half gallon of yogurt (we’ve had that much around here lately).
Mix in 3 cups of finely chopped strawberries.
Sweeten with maple syrup to taste. (I usually add about 1/3 c or so, less if I use honey)
Combine thoroughly.
Pour yogurt mixture into a cheesecloth set into a strainer, place over a bowl.
Let all the whey drain out (usually overnight).
Meanwhile, prepare a no-bake 9 inch crust (I’ve used the 2 c almonds, 1 c pitted dates recipe from NT with good results).
The next morning, spread the yogurt/cream cheese mixture (it should be nice and thick and creamy yummy)
into the pie crust and chill for a few hours.
Top with more sliced strawberries, and possibly some whipped cream…

And raw, too, for those of us that matters to!

Save this sweetened whey to use in your pancakes –
it usually allows me to cut down significantly on the amount of sweetener I use on top,
and doesn’t make the use of the maple syrup a complete waste.

Join Ann Marie and Kelly for more REAL FOOD each WEDNESDAY!

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