Menu for May 24th – 30th


I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, and haven’t felt up to writing menus (although I ALWAYS tell the ladies I work with “That’s when you need a menu the most!”), and thus we’ve ended up eating quite a bit at my parent’s house, or some kind of haphazard meal that I throw together.
Healthy? Mostly.
Makes me feel like a good mother, wife, and keeper of our home?

Plus, I kept getting emails from ladies wondering if I had given up writing them!
If I had known just how many of you read my menus (let alone USED them!) I would have faithfully posted some, if only for that reason.
I’ll know better next time.
So here is this week’s menu.  I’m trying to use quite a bit of our garden produce this week – the beets and chard are just about perfect, and the kale is starting to seed, not to mention my 4 foot tall lettuce ;), so we’ll be making good use of those.

Brunch at Victorian Rose Tea House (special outing for Erin’s graduation!)
lunch: spicy rice noodles, cabbage rolls
dinner: potato soup, whole wheat bread

breakfast: kefir milkshakes, toast
lunch: BBQ at Grampa and Nana’s
dinner: burgers, corn-on-the-cob, homemade ice cream

breakfast: English muffin sandwiches with eggs and cheese
am snack: peanut butter sandwich, milk
lunch: quesadillas, guacamole
pm snack: blueberries, yogurt
dinner: cheese tortilini with parmesan, sauteed green beans

breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese and pastrami
am snack: mint tea, graham cookies
lunch: whole wheat mac-n-cheese, swiss chard
pm snack: sweet potato chips, ranch dip
dinner: l/o burgers, corn-on-the-cob

breakfast: vegetable frittata (using some of that kale, chard, and beets)
am snack: peanut butter, celery
lunch: sloppy joes, carrot sticks, l/o ranch dip
pm snack: boysenberries, sweet cream
dinner: roasted potatoes and beets, salad

breakfast: berry smoothies
am snack: fresh pea pods, l/o ranch dip
lunch: fried rice, stir-fry veggies
pm snack: cheese crackers, cherries
dinner: chicken noodle soup, whole wheat dumplings, salad

breakfast: breakfast burritos (eggs, chorizo, potatoes, etc.)
lunch: sandwiches, chips, etc. (We’re having a picnic at the lake after church!)
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Prep Schedule
Sabbath evening: defrost soup, bread
Sunday evening: hurrah for someone else doing the cooking !
Monday evening: clean green beans
Tuesday evening: mix up ranch dip, start kombucha
Wednesday evening: prep veggies for frittata, defrost sloppy joe mix, make cheese crackers
Thursday evening: soak rice, prep veggies for stir-fry
Friday afternoon: make sandwiches, organize food/snacks for lunch

Be sure to join Laura for more than 200 new menu plans each week!

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