This week, I am grateful for water.
The nice clean stuff that comes from our well,
pours through the faucet, and into our bathtub.
Wait, bathtub?

bathtime swimming
We actually have access to a swimming pool,
but as I’m sure any mommy can attest,
one pool + two children + one mommy = NOT FUN.
It only took one afternoon of two boys jumping in at the same time and mommy not catching both (go FIGURE)
to cure me of thinking I could handle it.

So now we do our swimming in the bathtub.
Little more messy, but at least it doesn’t require mommy in a bathing suit! 😉
And the boys can listen to stories while they cool off.

Thank You, Lord, for the water we tend to take for granted.
For the rush of cool water as it flows into our cups, pans, and bathtubs.
May we be ever reminded to allow Your Living Water such equal access to our lives.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!


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