Menu for May 31st – June 6th


Our garden is just starting to do some really good production –
zucchini here we come! 🙂
The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen, as well as all the cucumbers, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some pickles made… if not this week than next 😉
I have 2 lbs of lovely grassfed/finished ground beef that I’m excited to use… it’s SO good!
We’re at the end of the month for our budget so no fun and exciting things until the 7th.
I’m trying a few new dishes this week that will hopefully give us some ideas for using our cupboard products in NEW ways!
(cos, really, it’s just TOO hot for chili these days!)

~on vacation in North Coast California~

breakfast: french toast, cherries
am snack: peanut butter cookies
lunch: curry coconut rice, mixed vegetables
pm snack: cucumber slices, ranch dip
dinner: spaghetti, meatball sauce, salad

breakfast: biscuits, fruit, milk
am snack: cheese crackers, peanut butter
lunch: make-your-own tacos
pm snack: kombucha popsicles
dinner: lentil salad, naan bread

breakfast: cornmeal pancakes (NT recipe), berry compote
am snack: bananas, raisins
lunch: corndog muffins, veggie sticks
pm snack: zucchini chips, ranch dip (we dehydrate some sliced zucchini – makes GREAT chips!)
dinner: zucchini casserole, salad

breakfast: garden vegetable omelets
am snack: chips, salsa
lunch: meatloaf, mixed vegetables
pm snack: cherry tomatoes, ranch dip (can you TELL WE LIKE TO DIP?!)
dinner: grilled baby potatoes (yup, those are just about ready in the garden too! 🙂 ), kale (that’s going to get pulled out after I get enough for dinner), salad

breakfast: baked oatmeal (unless it’s too hot for the oven, in which case we will be having kefir smoothies!)
am snack: kombucha popsicles
lunch: black bean burgers, corn on the cob
pm snack: apples, peanut butter
dinner: vegetable soup, whole wheat bread, salad

breakfast: honey whole wheat bagels, homemade cream cheese, berries
lunch: walnut-oatmeal patties, mushroom gravy, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

Prep Schedule
Sunday evening: soak flour for cookies; soak rice for lunch
Monday evening: soak flour for biscuits; soak lentils; make popsicles, brown hamburger
Tuesday evening: soak flour for pancakes, muffins; dehydrate zucchini chips
Wednesday evening: mix up meatloaf to season; soak black beans
Thursday evening: soak oatmeal; make bread/soak flour?; make bagels either today/tomorrow
Friday afternoon: make patties for Sabbath lunch; make bagels

Join Laura for more than 200 more menu plans and ideas each week!


One thought on “Menu for May 31st – June 6th

  1. Hi, Meg. Thanks for stopping by Treasuring the Moments and commenting. This is my first time to your blog.

    Your menu’s look very healthy. I’m all for that! I’m curious about your kefir smoothies and kombucha popsicles. Would you mind sharing recipes for those?


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