This week, I have to admit I was searching a bit for something to be grateful for…
What, the roof over my head, and the food I eat isn’t enough??

This early pregnancy is just WEARING me out…
I’ve done it twice, you’d think I’d get the hang of it,
but instead most days I feel like I’m running on empty.

Take for example, our sweet youngest, who is SURE Moma wants to play in the wee hours of the morning…
starts my day off a little earlier than I’d prefer…

So out to the garden we go.
And we find LOTS of fun things.

little washer boy
Cucumbers, and a HONKIN’ big zucchini.

zucchini And I realized that I am blessed to have the time to spend with this wee one.
Who will soon be the middle child.
And I am terribly afraid he will be lost in the middle.

So I sat down and cried.
(did we forget I’m pregnant?!)
And thanked God for this sweet little boy who loves to help.

Thank You, Father, for the reminder of the important things.
For the gentle hand with which You guide my path,
and the firm hand which with You disciple my life.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!


One thought on “Gratituesday!

  1. When your children are all small things can get rather harried. Hang in there – things change so fast. The years are gone before you know it. (I never could get that idea to sink in when I was in the middle of it all but looking back I realize it was so true.)

    I don’t think your son will get lost in the shuffle. God made those middle children special and I bet your fellow will find the new baby a complete joy and love being your helper in that area, too.

    A very sweet post, Meg.

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