Menu for June 7th – 13th


I’m attempting this week to continue using many items that we already have…
this includes my expected harvest of several more zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes this week! 🙂
I am using a good deal of my budget this month to re-stock several items we’ve run out of: oatmeal (made it through our first 25 lb bag! 🙂 ), maple syrup, rapadura sugar, and coconut oil.  (You know, all the expensive stuff!)

I also have an ambitious list this week of freezer stock-up baking to do… while I sincerely doubt it will all get done, it’s nice to at least THINK I’ll accomplish it all.

Oh, and we’re having company for the first 3 days this week. My cousin is coming up from L.A., and we’re VERY excited to see and spend time with her. 🙂


breakfast: waffles, fruit salad
lunch: ultimate baked nachos (beef, beans, cheese, olives, sour cream, etc.)
dinner: bowtie pasta stroganoff, peas

breakfast: french toast, fresh berries
am snack: graham crackers, peanut butter
lunch: ratatouille, coos-coos
pm snack: peach slushies (trying to use up our frozen peaches before the next batch comes in!)
dinner: burgers, fries, milkshakes

breakfast: vegetable frittata (use l/o ratatouille)
am snack: spiced applesauce, toast sticks
lunch: turkey and cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks
pm snack: popcorn balls with dried fruit
dinner: roasted sweet potatoes, greens (using up the last of them from the garden), salad

breakfast: baked cinnamon oatmeal, berries
am snack: sweet potato cookies (using NT recipe)
lunch: chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, ranch dip
pm snack: walnuts, raw cheese
dinner: eggplant parmesan casserole, angel hair pasta, salad

breakfast: omelettes, toast
am snack: pita chips, hummus
lunch: cheesy macaroni beef bake (I’ll just add beef and cheese on top and bake), mixed vegetables
pm snack: zucchini chips, ranch dip
dinner: polenta, mushroom ragu, salad

breakfast: fried polenta cakes, syrup, fruit
am snack: fruit pudding (NT recipe for custard, add fruit)
lunch: salmon patties (NT recipe), brown rice, peas
pm snack: white bean dip, veggie sticks
dinner: chowder in bread bowls, salad

breakfast: whole wheat doughnuts, fruit salad
lunch: tamale pie, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Sabbath evening: soak flour for waffles, defrost beans/beef for nachos
Sunday: soak flour for burger buns, roast vegetables for ratatouille?
Monday: make burger buns, roast turkey for sandwiches, marinate potatoes
Tuesday: soak oatmeal, prep. sweet potato for cookies, make ranch dip
Wednesday: soak polenta, make hummus, defrost beef, soak mushrooms to rehydrate
Thursday: chill l/o polenta, make bean dip?, make custard to set overnight, soak beans for chili
Friday afternoon: make doughnuts, soak cornmeal and make chili for tamale pie

(of things she’ll try to get done)
organize closets (sort for donate/consign/storage)
-make whole wheat bagels to freeze
-make cornmeal pancakes (using NT recipe) to freeze
-make extra loaves of bread to freeze
start beets fermenting
– make pickles
-make cream cheese & whey (drain yogurt)
finish & bottle pomegrante kombucha (make popsicles with l/o)
-restock cheese & graham cracker supply

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3 thoughts on “Menu for June 7th – 13th

  1. Mmmm, what a great sounding menu. I made the Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli that was on my menu last night and everyone thought it tasted great. It’s SO easy to prepare, too.

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