This week, I’m grateful for vacations.
With the economy the way it’s been
(not that we had ANY money in the stock market!)
people have been cutting back on all sorts of “extras”
including vacations.

We obviously can’t take big huge Disney vacations
(although, really, it’s pretty overrated anyway)
but we’re able to sneak away for weekends here and there.
We were able to take a “quick” trip up to Oregon and Northern California a few weeks ago,
and although I’m sure our parents thought we were crazy to take our two squeaky little boys with us,
we did.
And they did amazingly well.
And we were able to spend a whopping 18 hours of driving family time together,
not to mention showing the boys some spectacular scenery.
(It’s funny how excited Brian the boys got about driving over bridges 😉 )

Avenue of the GiantsMoma and the boys – they got a kick out of the “Blue Cow”
Avenue of the GiantsThe boys posing at the One Log House (which was pretty cool 😉 )
Avenue of the GiantsJake thought this carving looked like Papa…
Avenue of the GiantsAnd we got to ride a train, too!

All in all, I’d say we wisely used a 2.5 day vacation allotment,
and were blessed just to spend time all together.

Thank You Father for providing not only the resources,
but the motivation to get out in your Creation.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!

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