Titus 2 Thursday: Why we cannot continue to be surprised

This week’s post is written by Betty Sue, from Traditional Womanhood.  She is the wife to her church’s Assistant Pastor, daughter of the Pastors, mother to eight beautiful children, homemaker for eighteen years, author of “Homeschool:Why What How”,”Rubies, Silk and Chocolate Covered Peanuts”, “Caring for Your Masterpiece” and someday, an herbalist and a midwife.

The American Christian cannot be surprised if they give their child a non-Christian education and their child turns out to be a non-Christian.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

“As a man (or child) thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

“Garbage in, Garbage out.”

“He that is not with Me (Jesus) is against Me: and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth…” Luke 11:23

“The disciple (student) is not above his master (teacher): but every one that is perfect (finished with his education) shall be as (like) his master (teacher).” Luke 6:40

Our public schools are not Christian by anyone’s measure. The textbooks are purposely written to avoid any mention of God or Christian values. College professors must buy into atheism (in practice if not in fact) in order to get their jobs and they must teach the same in their classrooms. So all schoolteachers have been instructed by atheists and must use atheist texts. There is NOTHING Christian about our schools.

Whether you downsize your home or cars so you can afford to homeschool or you do what is necessary to send your child to a Christian school, it is imperative that the Christians in this nation get their children out of the non-Christian educational system. We are hemorrhaging children. In conservative Christian households (those Christians that actually take the Bible as God’s truth. This doesn’t count those who are more liberal in interpretation) 85% of their children will leave the church for good the minute they are legal adults. That is- only one out of every 5 2/3 children raised in a home that claims they believe the Bible will stay in church. And we are so culturally irrelevant that it now takes thirty-six Christians to win one sinner. Do the math. At this rate, in less than 100 years Christianity will be extinct.

I have had people who love the Lord and who attended public school as children tell me “It doesn’t really matter. Look at me. I turned out ok and I attended public school.”

Four problems with this statement:
1. “It doesn’t really matter.” Your education has taught you that it doesn’t matter if we actually follow the Life Manuel we claim to believe. Saying we believe it is enough to reap its rewards. This smacks heavily of “the Bible is outdated and doesn’t really know what It is talking about anyway. It doesn’t apply to our ‘enlightened’ age (a clear evolutionary statement).”
2. “I turned out ok.” Did you now? Funny. My Bible says none of us “turned out ok.” That is why we need Christ in the first place.
3. “I turned out ok.” Obviously not if you don’t see the difference between an education focused on Jesus as the Bible commands and an education where He is only allowed as a cuss word.
4. And, (to play hard ball), how many of your friends from school did you bring to the Lord and are still serving Him today? Real affective witness, weren’t you? I was raised in the best Christian home possible. We were in church every time the doors were open (my parents were the pastors), and then some. We were groomed for ministry from day one. My hubby had a similar upbringing. Yes, my brother, my hubby and I continued in the Christian faith and even in the ministry, but I know between the three of us and a combined total of thirty-seven years of childhood education we were successful in bringing exactly two of our friends to the Lord. And one of those came to God through my brother’s friendship outside the school because they were friends for years before they ever even had one class together. Meanwhile, all our “pastor’s kids” friends backslid as did all four of my hubby’s brothers. These are not great odds, people! And everyone who was raised in a Christian home that I know of has the same story.

Homeschoolers are KEEPING 96% of their children in their faith. Ninety- six percent! That is, we are only losing 4%. Follow God’s Word, get biblical results. It is that simple. (Duet 6:7 “Teach [My Words] diligently unto your children speaking of them when you get up in the morning, go to bed at night, do your days work, and run your errands.”)

The Bible is clear that we are required to give our children a Christian education.

Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, don’t frustrate your children but bring them up in the culture and education of the Lord.” It is frustrating for a child to be told at home that God is the center of life and the Bible holds all the answers and then to go to school where God is obviously not important and the Bible not allowed.

If we don’t obey the Word of God, we can’t be surprised when we don’t get godly results.

Aren’t your children’s souls worth the sacrifice?

Join me on Thursdays when I share one of the At The Well – Pursuing Titus 2 devotionals that has made an impact on my daily walk with the Lord as a mother and wife.

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