This week I’m grateful for God’s providential blessings.
The kind where you don’t see His Hand until after the fact!

For over the last 3 years, Brian has been working a job from 4pm-midnight.
It’s been difficult, both for him personally, and for our family.
His days have been filled with school (the primary reason for the swing shift),
a second job between school in the mornings, and work at night,
cramming family time in between, and occasionally on weekends
(his shifts were on random days, any given week… made for interesting planning!).

For the past month, we have been discussing our family situation:
2 little boys who need a daddy. a LOT.
a new baby on the way.
and a moma who misses that guy she married.
My husband did some significant research
and found that we could obtain funding for him to finish his schooling,
and we would also receive a stipend for some of his living expenses…

Which would eliminate the need for his evening job.
Praise God.

Thank You, Father, for seeing our path before us,
and continually guiding our steps,
even when the way seemed unknown ahead.

Thanks to Laura for the inspiration of Gratituesday!


One thought on “Gratituesday!

  1. Wonderful! Congrats to you all. I can’t imagine not being able to have Daddy around like we do. I applaud your focus on family and making time together a priority! Makes you really appreciate the time when you have it and realize that it is hard to have quality when you do not have quanity!

    Have a great day,

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