Menu for August 9th – 15th


We’re spending this week playing catch-up.
After a week long vacation in Tahoe, we have many, MANY things around the farm to take care of.
Our apples enjoyed last week’s 20 degree drop in heat so much they decided to ripen…
and start falling off the trees.
So the first few days of this week will be spent picking apples, both off the ground (for applesauce) and the trees (for fresh eating and drying).

I need to get our fall season crops started – most will be from seed.  My first goal with that is to clear out the carrots that have gone a wild riot in one garden, as well as pulling the last of my beans out to make room for… something else!  After those are pulled out, we’ll start adding our lovely goat manure to the rows, and till that under to prepare the beds for the seeds.

August is always the hardest month for me – so much to do, and Autumn is SO CLOSE!
Hopefully, the smell of the applesauce cooking will be enough to outweigh the 100 degree heat…


breakfast: multi-grain pancakes, melon
lunch on the road, returning from Tahoe
supper: chips, beans, salsa

breakfast: eggs, toast, apples!
am snack: apples, peanut butter
lunch: garden pasta salad (macaroni, carrots, onions, olives, tomatoes)
pm snack: kefir popsicles
supper: scalloped potatoes, swiss chard, salad

breakfast: garden frittata
am snack: raisins, yogurt
lunch: sweet potato fries, green beans
pm snack: sunflower seeds (just harvested! yay!), plums
supper: spaghetti squash, tomato & mushroom ragu, bread, salad

breakfast: soaked muesli with extra apples
am snack: pumpkin muffins
lunch: ratatouille, coos-coos
pm snack: honey nut bars
supper: taco salad

breakfast: egg burritos (use l/o beans & rice)
am snack: pita chips, garlic hummus
lunch: creamy tomato soup, bread rolls
pm snack: persimmon popsicles (I found my frozen persimmon puree from last year, so I’m going to “experiment” a little…)
supper: eggplant parmesan, pasta, garlic bread, salad

breakfast: eggs, biscuits, homemade peach preserves
am snack: applesauce, cream
lunch: sloppy joes, carrot sticks
pm snack: garden juice popsicles
supper: fruit soup (probably peach & plum), bread rolls, salad

breakfast: apple puffed pancake, sweetened cream
lunch: Church at Shaver Lake
dinner: popcorn, fruit

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