Menu for August 16th – 22nd


A day late, and a dollar short…

Ah, well…  As we head into another week where it’s rather tight around here,
I am still amazed at the constant blessing that God has given us through our garden.
Unfortunately, our tomato season seems to be at an end –
between residual damage from an early spring hailstorm, weeks of 100+ degree heat, and what I’m fairly sure is a wilting disease,
we’re down from 36 producing tomato plants to 4.

Oddly enough, our cool weather plants are doing supremely well… even in this 100+ degree heat.
We’ll be putting in the rest of our fall garden this week, and I’m praying they do as well as the rest has!

There was also a nice sale on organic potatoes and sweet potatoes, so they’re featured prominently this week. 🙂


breakfast: cornmeal pancakes, peaches, whipped cream
lunch out and about while running errands
dinner at Orange Blossom Junction

breakfast: toast, hard-boiled eggs, grapes
lunch: stir fried noodles, vegetables
dinner:  baked potatoes, swiss chard, sour cream

breakfast: fried eggs, hashbrowns, sliced peaches
lunch: lentil vegetable soup, whole wheat rolls
dinner: chipotle sweet potatoes, roasted okra, salad

breakfast: sweet potato pancakes, applesauce, cream
lunch:  grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches
dinner: spinach quiche,  salad

breakfast: leftover quiche, grapes
lunch: borsht, rye bread
dinner: egg tacos, cortido, salsa

breakfast: baked oatmeal with peaches and blueberries
lunch: roasted okra, mashed potatoes
dinner on the run – first night of VBS

breakfast: buckwheat crepes, fruit salad
lunch: lasagna, peas, salad, bread
dinner on the run – VBS!

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