What We Mean By Quiverfull

I was so impressed with this post, written by Chris Jeub, explaining how he and his family view the Quiverfull movement, and how it applies in their family.

What We Mean By Quiverfull

Photo by Rick Wilking, Copyright (c) Reuters, Inc.
Photo by Rick Wilking. Copyright (c) 2009 Reuters. Used with permission.

Some words come loaded with connotation. I think of deep words like Christian or love: the words themselves seldom do the meanings justice. They are better understood by observing–by showing, not telling. “Quiverfull” is one of these words.

Read more here.


5 thoughts on “What We Mean By Quiverfull

  1. I’ve learned a lot about Quiverfull lately… is this something your family does as well? It seems like you support the idea, so does that mean that you want to have 15+ kids, or what? I’m so overwhelmed with the two I have I can’t even imagine wanting more!!

  2. The Jeubs and the Duggars are amazing families. Thank God for their examples! My husband and I are also “quiver-full” but we have been getting a LOT of flack for it lately from our own families… This is a great encouragement for me. Thanks for posting, Meg. 🙂

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