This week I’m grateful for little boys with BIG intelligence.
If I could figure out how to post movies on here, I’d post the video I took of these funny little boys.
I sent them out with bread to feed the birds (and, ahem, themselves).
Suddenly, I heard a great deal of noise.
“Bird! Bird! Look!!”

So, grabbing the camera (because it didn’t SOUND dangerous),
I went out and found this:
feeding birds
Apparently, they thought the best way to feed birds was to put it in the trees.

climbing treesAnd they were SO proud of themselves.
(I have NO idea what Jake is doing with his fingers… don’t take it personally.)

Jake gave me a dissertation on how exactly to feed birds…
it’s on the video, and it was VERY well-stated, if I do say so myself.

Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of children,
who, as always, enrich our lives in whatever circumstance they find themselves.


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