Menu for September 6th – 12th

breakfast: whole grain pancakes, melon
lunch bbq at Maple House for Labor Day
dinner: spaghetti with meatballs, green beans, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach, toast
lunch: turkey and cheese panini, carrot sticks, ranch dip
dinner: curried lentils, naan bread, salad

breakfast: cornmeal porridge, sauteed apples
lunch: pita sandwiches with l/o curry
dinner: white bean soup, rye rolls

breakfast: fried cornmeal, sausages, eggs
lunch: l/o soup with added sausage, kale
dinner: burgers, grilled asparagus

breakfast: pita egg sandwiches
lunch: macaroni and cheese bake, green beans
dinner: chili (use l/o burgers), cornbread

breakfast: soaked oatmeal with apples and peaches
lunch: cabbage salad with chicken
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: (soaked) 9 grain cereal, apple strudel
lunch: lasagna, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit


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