Menu for September 20th – 26th

This will be the second week of my bedrest…
Praise God for the blessings we were given last week, in the form of so much help!
Old friends dropped by to chat, new friends dropped by with food (thank you Hillori!),
and our families have done a fantastic job of picking up any slack!

This week’s menu is going to be using quite a bit of freezer food, which means I’ll have to do a nice re-stocking before the baby comes… again!

breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes, scrambled eggs, melon
lunch: Hillori’s awesome taco stew (I added another quart of chicken stock and 1/2 lb grassfed beef to the l/o’s from Friday)
dinner: potato soup, bread, salad

breakfast: scrambled egg & croissant sandwiches, fruit
lunch: pizza, salad
dinner: fried potatoes (using duck fat), swiss chard, carrots

breakfast: soaked cream of wheat cereal, apples
lunch: pasta bake, mixed veggies
dinner: beef stroganoff, egg noodles, green beans

breakfast: baked oatmeal, pears
lunch: stir-fry noodles and vegetables
dinner on the run – WAPF Fermentation class!

breakfast: fried eggs, hashbrowns, toast
lunch at Sweet Tomatoes
dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato and basil salad

breakfast: toad in the hole, toast, fruit salad
lunch: cobb salad
dinner: bean, kale and beef stew, rolls, salad

breakfast: crepes, pears
lunch: chicken enchiladas, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Be sure to join Laura each week for more than 400 other menu plans, recipe ideas, and more!


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