Ah… so much to be thankful for this week!

First of all: Praise God that our baby girl has been hanging in there for another week!  I’ve had a very humbling lesson to learn this last week or so – my selfish desire to control everything make sure everything runs smoothly had me jumping up to “help” for the first few days of bed rest.
“I feel fine!! Why are you doing this to me, Lord?”

And, thankfully, the Lord used my husband’s calm voice to remind me,
“It isn’t about YOU.”

Followed by a pointing finger to our verse of the week, which I had put up before being confined to bed:
“I know, Oh Lord, that man’s life is not his own, it is not for man to direct his own steps.”
Jeremiah 10:23

It mocked me for a few days, before I realized that, of course, there is ALWAYS a reason for things.
Which brings me to the rest of my grateful moments…

  • My husband has had time to spend with our boys.
  • He was able to delay starting his next school session for two weeks to be home in the afternoon with them.
  • My sister’s school schedule is such that she can be home in the mornings until Brian gets home from work.
  • We are in between garden plantings right now, so as long as the water is turned on, nothing really needs “doing” for a few more weeks.
  • Our friends, Peter and Erin, had a few days off and decided to use them by watching the boys (at the beach, nonetheless).
  • My mother reminded me of baby blankets I had never finished for the boys…
  • and then bought me some pink yarn for Elizabeth’s blanket, so now my hands are busy!

All together, it has been a restful, reaffirming time for myself.
Something, which, apparently, God felt I needed.

Thank You, Father, as once again, You call us to remember our place.
Our place as Your children, who listen and obey to Your guidance,
rather than thrashing about in our own selfishness.
To be brought full-face to Your glory, Your desires, and Your will.

Thanks to Laura, for the inspiration of Gratituesday!

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