Menu for October 10th – 17th


This week we’re getting into the swing of Autumn – the nights are crisp, the days are (finally) below 80 degrees, and we’re even expecting a RAINSTORM on Tuesday! 🙂

Our garden is still in the “in-between” stage, so the pickings are pretty slim, however, we still have some kale, swiss chard, carrots, and a few random tomatoes, so we’ll be using those whenever possible.  Our chickens are also beginning to molt, so we are getting only 3-4 eggs per day, instead of 7 – horrors, I may have to BUY eggs! 🙂

breakfast: scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, fruit salad
lunch: BBQ for Grandpa’s birthday!
dinner: pita sandwiches with sprouts, raw cheese, hummus

breakfast: baked oatmeal with apples and raisins
lunch: spaghetti with meat sauce, sautéed spinach, kale
dinner: baked fish, buttered carrots, lacto-fermented beets

breakfast: fried eggs, hashbrowns
lunch: fish tacos, cortido
dinner: roasted squash, millet and quinoa pilaf, greens

breakfast: apple puffed pancake, whipped cream
lunch: squash stew, millet drop biscuits
dinner: meatloaf (NT recipe), roasted potatoes, salad

breakfast: rice porridge, raisins, cream
lunch: meatloaf sandwiches, veggies & dip
dinner: baked chicken, rice, green beans

breakfast: baked eggs, toast, fruit
lunch: cheesy macaroni beef bake, mixed vegetables
dinner: vegetable soup, bread, salad

breakfast:  apple-cinnamon-raisin swirl rolls
lunch: Harvest Potluck at Kerman
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

Kitchen Prep Schedule
– soak oats, raisins
– defrost fish

– pick kale, carrots
– soak millet, quinoa

– de-seed squash, prep seeds for roasting
– pick greens
– defrost chicken stock for stew
– defrost ground beef for meatloaf

– make millet biscuits (use l/o millet)
– make meatloaf
– chop potatoes and marinate
– soak rice, raisins for pudding
– soak rice for dinner Thurs.
– start chicken stock

– make rice pudding
– marinate chicken
– defrost beef for bake

– make bread, rolls

Be sure to join Laura each week for more than 400 other menu plans, recipe ideas, and more!

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