Menu for October 18th – 24th


I’m looking forward to this week’s meals – happy cold weather has returned, after a few days last week that crept above 80, with significant amounts of humidity… kind of ruined my whole autumn experience for a while! 😉


breakfast: oatmeal w/apples, raisins, cream
lunch: pizza, salad
dinner: split pea soup, rolls, salad

breakfast: fried egg sandwiches, pears
lunch: dirty rice, green beans
dinner: roasted sweet potatoes, kale, salad

breakfast: baked apples w/crispy walnuts, raisins, cream
lunch: cheese sandwiches, carrots w/ranch dip
dinner: sloppy joes, green beans, salad

breakfast: sweet potato pancakes, scrambled eggs
lunch: buffalo burgers, celery w/tahini dip
dinner: brisket w/root vegetables, roasted kale, salad


breakfast: baked oatmeal w/apples, raisins, cream
lunch: sausages, l/o vegetables
dinner: curry chicken, coos-coos, salad

breakfast: fried eggs, homemade Obrien potatoes
lunch: chicken sandwiches, veggies w/hummus
dinner: beef stew, bread, salad

breakfast: apple French toast casserole, fruit salad
lunch: beef noodle bake, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Kitchen Prep Schedule

Saturday night
– soak oats, raisins
– re-brine olives
– test kombucha

– defrost pizza dough, rolls
-defrost split pea soup
– prep salad greens

– pick green beans, kale
– prep apples for baking
– defrost beef

– make ranch dip
– defrost buffalo burgers
– season beef for sloppy joes
– defrost brisket

– pick kale, beets, carrots
– start brisket in crockpot for girls night
– soak oats, raisins
– chop apples for breakfast and chutney

– marinate chicken
– pick green beans
– prep potatoes and peppers

– start breakfast casserole
– make noodle bake for Sabbath lunch

Household Schedule
1) make apple juice at Maple House
2) water garden

1) prepare school papers for the week
2) call to set up Midwife appt. (Tues or Wed am)
3) organize girls night out (Wednesday night)
4) wash uniforms

1) clean house
2) laundry
3) sort thru closets
4) water garden

1) milk drop-off 3:15 pm
2) Farmers Market
3) pick up baby clothes
4) pick up kombucha mushrooms
5) grocery shopping
6) wash uniforms

1) Men’s Bible study 6 am
2) Jacob’s dentist appt 9 am
3) laundry
4) water garden

1) clean house
2) wash sheets
3) water garden
4) iron Sabbath clothes

Be sure to join Laura each week for more than 400 other menu plans, recipe ideas, and more!

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