Titus 2 Thursday: Living a life of hospitality

This morning’s post was written by Andrea Parunak. Daughter of the King, full time help meet to her knight in shining armor, and mother to four exuberant blessings. She blogs at Pursuing Titus 2.

Use hospitality one to another without grudging. –1 Peter 4:9

I’m an introvert…and a perfectionist…and my house has an open door policy. We host a church meeting/fellowship meal once a week, and have guests over usually at least once a week also, and frequently that is entirely spur of the moment. Sometimes we’ll have company multiple nights in a row. My husband and I feel really burdened to love people through meeting their needs, and that so often means giving them a meal and spending time with them. Did I mention I’m an introvert and a perfectionist? Oh, and I have four small children. It’s been a stretching experience.

Read more here.

Join me each Thursday as I share a devotional that has encouraged me in my walk as a wife and mother.


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