Menu for November 22nd – 28th
My favorite time of the year! Not only do we join this week with millions of others to give thanks to a loving and gracious Lord, but we do it sitting in front of an abundance of food.  Praise God for His blessings!

I was tasked with bringing green beans for our family Thanksgiving – I think they’re taking pity on the pregnant woman… I don’t feel like I’m going to be contributing much!  Also, it’s my birthday on Friday, so the menu has a possibility of changing, if my husband decides to treat me to a dinner out! 😉

I’m attempting to use things we already have at home, since going shopping with two little boys ends up  being complicated with the addition of holiday rush…  Our kale is gorgeous, the swiss chard is still going strong (I am going to let some of it bolt and save the seed – this has been the BEST swiss chard, and the longest lasting!), and we have some sweet little butternut squash just coming off the vines now!  Also, our lettuce is doing quite well – and the bitterness seems to fade if I give it a day in the fridge after cutting 😉

breakfast: biscuits, sausage gravy, fruit salad
lunch: sandwiches, l/o soup
dinner: snack platter (apples, crispy walnuts, dried fruit, yogurt dip)

breakfast: scrambled eggs, biscuits
lunch: spaghetti, broccoli
dinner: braised brisket, wild rice, butternut squash

breakfast: oatmeal w/apples and cinnamon
lunch: l/o squash, rice patties
dinner: sweet and sour chicken, broccoli, udon noodles

breakfast: cornmeal mush, raisin chutney
lunch: noodle and beef bake, steamed spinach
dinner: sweet potato and green bean stew, brown rice

breakfast: kale and sausage quiche
lunch/dinner: Thanksgiving at Maple House

breakfast: baked pumpkin oatmeal
lunch: fried cornmeal, creamed spinach
dinner: turkey stew (NT recipe), rolls

breakfast: gingerbread pancakes
lunch: pot roast w/potatoes, carrots, salad, bread
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

Prep Schedule
Sabbath evening
– soak flour for biscuits
– defrost gravy

– make gravy
– make biscuits
– cut up fruit for salad
– defrost brisket
-soak wild rice

– make biscuits
– soak oats
– defrost chicken

– make rice patties
– soak cornmeal
– defrost sw. pot. stew
– soak brown rice
– shred beef

– make casserole
– soak crust for quiche
– prep green beans in crock pot for Thanksgiving

– start green beans in crockpot
– make quiche
– soak oats

– soak flour for pancakes
– defrost pot roast
– chop veggies for roast
– make bread
– pick salad greens

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