Menu for January 17th – 23rd

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breakfast: whole grain bagels, homemade cream cheese, oranges
lunch: pav baji, naan bread, samosas
dinner: soaked whole grain waffles, fruit toppings, whipped cream

breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, fruit
lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
dinner at Bible Study

breakfast: soaked applesauce cake, oranges
lunch: bean dip, chips, corn salsa
dinner: roasted garlic chicken, beets & carrots, salad

breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes, fried bananas in coconut oil & maple syrup, oranges
lunch: brown rice pasta, roasted garlic cream sauce, peas
dinner: borsht, sourdough bread, salad

breakfast: fruit smoothies, muffins
lunch: baked potatoes, beet salad
dinner: chicken & dumplings, salad w/roasted beets & goat cheese

breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs, toast
lunch: shepherds pie
dinner: l/o borsht, bread, salad

Trip to the Coast for Auntie Erin’s baptism!

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2 thoughts on “Menu for January 17th – 23rd

  1. Some very interesting information here, and a very interesting blog too.
    I LOVE the menu plans! Such a good idea, and something I really should be doing more of! Do you offer help for planning menus? You seem to be so knowledgeable about it! Any help is much appreciated!
    I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.

    • I do offer menu planning help – I usually do a meeting/phone conversation with you first to talk about the goals you’re trying to achieve with your menu (special needs, budgetary concerns, etc), then we plan a menu together! You can contact me at hiddenpathways (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

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