Real Food Challenge: Clean Your Cupboards!

Week One, Day One Challenge
Cleaning Out Your Cupboards

I’m taking Nourished Kitchen‘s 28 Day Real Food Challenge.
I’m hoping it will help us get back on track with our eating habits, which, while they haven’t gone completely out of control,
there’s been a pretty drastic derailment, what with a new baby and all.

Here’s are some pictures of my pantry:
Top shelf, left to right:
cocoa powder, carob powder, tapioca pearls, molasses (x 2) brown rice syrup, coconut oil, local olive oil, more olive oil, popcorn
(in the back is my plastic milk bottle storage)

Second shelf, left to right:
rosewater, diced tomatoes and paste, canned salmon and tuna, home-dried tomatoes in olive oil, home-cured olives, spelt macaroni, brown rice and buckwheat pasta, dried fruit, crispy nuts, homemade jam

Third shelf, left to right:
rice (about 5 different kinds), beans (again, about 5 different kinds), kombu seaweed, grains (quinoas, millet, amaranth, etc), baking basket (ww flour, wheat berries, rapadura, sucanat, brown rice flour)

Bottom shelf, left to right:
breakfast grains (oatmeal, cracked grains, spelt flakes, soaked granolas), raw apple cider vinegar, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried hominy, potatoes, ginger (that I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to rehydrate to use…)

And yes, in case you’re wondering, my cupboard usually does look like this.
I am THAT kind of freak.

I did have to cull some things from the cupboard, which will be making their way to my mother’s pantry (“You’re not going to get rid of all that, are you?”).
We have salsa, canned beans, enchilada sauce (that was “on sale”), white flour, ravioli and lasagna noodles, sweetened condensed milk, canned soup (ick), and some odd form of “food in a can” my husband found at the Asian store.

So there you have it!
Week One of the Real Food Challenge…
one day down, twenty-seven more to go!


4 thoughts on “Real Food Challenge: Clean Your Cupboards!

  1. I am impressed. Not only with your wholesome food choices, but with how organized you are. I love how you have have everything in labeled Mason jars. I hope to get there one day!

  2. I love using mason jars too! I don’t have nearly as many though. Did you buy yours brand new? I’ve been watching our thrift store here to see if I can find some but haven’t seen any yet. What kind of labeler do you use?

    • Hi Annabelle –
      No, I didn’t buy my jars new – we are blessed to have found garbage bags FULL of them at our local thrift store… I just run them thru a cycle in my parent’s dishwasher, and purchase new lids/bands.

      I actually label all my jars by hand – I’m sure a label machine would do it better, but I like my handwritten ones. It’s just a slip of paper with scotch tape over the top. 🙂

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