Real Food Challenge: Choose Wholesome Foods

Week One, Day Two Challenge
Choosing Wholesome Foods

I’ve always been a big fan of planning – it helps save money, time, and food in general.
I know that the planning habit definitely helped while we were transitioning to a traditional foods diet,
simply because there can be so much preparation involved, and many new techniques to be learned.

The easiest way for our family to continue to choose wholesome foods is to plan on them! 🙂
I usually sit down on Sabbath evening and plan out our menu for the week ahead, although recently, I’ve had more “sit” time because of nursing, so I’ve been doing several weeks at a time, which is reflected in the shopping list below.

I try to keep it pretty basic, and I check the menu plan and pantry again before I go shopping, just to make sure I didn’t use up the last of something I’ll need.
With three children, one of whom is an infant, we have been limiting our shopping to one day per week, and we’re trying to stick with that.
Not only does it cut down on our grocery budget, it saves on fuel, too 🙂

I also plan out our menus and Brian’s lunches so there’s never any question of “What are we eating?”
This is probably THE biggest help, as I can look ahead and see what needs to be prepped several days in advance,
as well as judging what meals need to be “quick” and what can take a little more time to prepare.

So there you have it – how we manage wholesome foods in our diet!
Week One of the Real Food Challenge…
Two days down, twenty-six more to go!

2 thoughts on “Real Food Challenge: Choose Wholesome Foods

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  2. I have that same menu planning pad and I love it! It really helps me plan my shopping and not have so many trips to the grocery store. You’re really doing great with this challenge.

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