Real Food Challenge: Start Your Sourdough

Week One, Day Four Challenge
Start Your Sourdough

So sourdough and I have a…
one-sided relationship.
I love it.
It hates me.

Every time I try to do a starter, it goes horribly,
all moldy and black,
funky smelling and foul,

But I’m going to give it ONE MORE TRY.
I’ve already spent money on more starter cultures than I’d like to admit,
so I’m going to try something different this time
and do a yogurt starter.
(Because I always have really good luck with yogurt 🙂 )

Here’s the recipe:

1 cup raw milk (heated til just warm)
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 cup rye flour

Combine the yogurt and milk in a quart jar, cover (not tightly) and let sit in a warm place (80º-90º F) for 24 hours until the milk  has cultured slightly and is “thicker”.
Then add the flour and put it back in the warm place for 3-5 days.
Stir it daily.  It will bubble and have the odor of fermentation.
It’s ready to use.

A starter is a live thing and must be fed.  When you use it you should replace what you used.  The amount you should replace will vary according to need. If you use your starter often or you know you are going to have a heavy demand soon, then you can put several cups of milk and flour (equal measures) in it.  Generally though you should put in either 1/2 C to 1 C of both flour and milk.

I have heard that using buttermilk gives the starter a much stronger sour taste… I might try adding that when I refresh the starter…
If it works! 🙂

Week One of the Real Food Challenge…
Four days down, twenty-four more to go!


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