Real Food Challenge: Sprouting Your Grains

Week One, Day Five Challenge
Sprouting Your Grains

This is something I still haven’t gotten into the habit of, and I really should!
Here’s the instructions Jenny gave:

  1. Start with clean grain, so take care in sorting through it to make sure all pebbles and grains with poor appearance are adequately removed.
  2. Rinse grains thoroughly.
  3. Add grain to a ceramic or stainless steel crock, pouring filtered water over the grain until the grain is completely submersed under several inches of water.
  4. Soak the grains overnight.
  5. In the morning, pour the grains into a fine mesh sieve and rinse them well.
  6. Throughout the day, rinse the grains multiple times taking care to stir them so all grains are rinsed evenly.
  7. Within one to three days, you will see a little sprout appear at the base of each grain.  This is the sprout-level best used for flour; howeverm you can continue to sprout the grain by rinsing and stirring it multiple times a day for up to three days if using it to eat raw in salads or even in cooked porridges.
  8. They should be kept refrigerated after they sprout to your liking, but kept at room temperature during the sprouting process.

    I’m going to start some wheat berries today, since those are “supposed” to be the easiest to deal with…

We’ll see what happens!

Week One of the Real Food Challenge…
five days down, twenty-three more to go!

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