Real Food Challenge: Milling Sprouted Flour

Week One, Day Six Challenge
Milling Sprouted Flour

Well, I’m still waiting on my sprouts to appear –
the weather turned off a bit cool, and I think that slowed them down a bit.

But I am excited to try this particular aspect of the challenge, simply because buying sprouted flour

But here’s the basic premise:

  • Soak whole grain in water to cover and set in a warm part of your home overnight (8 to 12 hours).
  • Drain grain into a fine mesh sieve and rinse thoroughly, stirring the grains with your fingers.
  • Continue this process for one day or until the grains begin to plump and a white root barely emerges from one end.
  • Spread the grains on your dehydrating trays and set the temperature to 105 to 110 degrees and dehydrate the grains until they are completely dry
  • Pour the grain into the hopper of your grain mill and grind as you normally would.

    Week One of the Real Food Challenge…
    six days down, twenty-two to go!


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