Menu for February 7th – 13th
breakfast: biscuits, sausage gravy, fruit salad
lunch: out to eat
dinner: beef stew, whole wheat rolls, salad

breakfast: corn pancakes, sweet cheese topping (NT recipe)
lunch: chicken tacos, cortido
dinner: stuffed potatoes, broccoli, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, toast
lunch: falafel, pita bread, cucumbers w/hummus
dinner at Trade Club Valentine’s Banquet

breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes, berry syrup, whipped cream
lunch at Raw Milk presentation
dinner: chili, cornbread, greens, salad

breakfast: fruity smoothies (raw cream, frozen fruit, yogurt)
lunch: grilled cheese (use l/o cornbread), tomato soup
dinner: root vegetable gratin, pickled artichoke hearts, salad

(Moma at the coast)
breakfast: soaked applesauce cake, whipped cream
lunch: hotdogs w/saurkraut & mustard
dinner: pizza, salad

(Moma at the coast)
breakfast: cinnamon rolls (using this recipe, with more sugar in the dough), oranges
lunch: Daddy’s Diner
dinner: popcorn, fruit

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4 thoughts on “Menu for February 7th – 13th

  1. I enjoyed reading your menus – our family is much larger than yours, but it seems like we make many of the same kind of foods. Frugal, homemade, and nourishing!

  2. I just finished reading through all your menus – they are so thorough! I’m impressed! I noticed, though, that you don’t have snacks on your menus anymore. I liked that you had them planned out before. Was there a reason you didn’t do that anymore?

    I’d have to agree with niki as well, I’d love to see a recipe for corn pancakes – do you use whole corn in regular pancake batter?

  3. Just stopped by through Menu Plan Monday – did you know your link wasn’t linking correctly? I’m glad I checked your archives, though because I LOVE your menus! And are you going to post more recipes? I’d really enjoy seeing more of those.

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