Real Food Challenge: Get Your Bacteria

Week Two, Day Thirteen Challenge
Get Your Bacteria

Ah, the joys of germs.
Well, at least the kind you WANT.
We have been doing active fermentation of all kinds here since I bought my copy of Nourishing Traditions.
One of the first things I made was sauerkraut, with our homegrown cabbages.
It was delicious.
Nothing like getting it right the first time!

We moved on to fermenting beets, carrots, cucumbers…
and thankfully, our boys gobbled them up.
We’re on our very last jar of fermented beet pickles, and every time we pass by beets at the market, Jacob reminds me that “we need more beets for dinner, Mom!”

Of course, vegetables are a nice way to get your bacteria,
but we’ve also enjoyed the fermented drinks from Nourishing Traditions –
kombucha, of course
raspberry tickle (the raspberry drink recipe)
ginger ale
… and I’m going to try and make the root beer recipe this summer, because it just sounds SO GOOD with some homemade raw milk ice cream! 🙂

Week Two of the Real Food Challenge,
Thirteen days down, fifteen to go!


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