Menu for March 21st – 27th


breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes w/bananas
lunch: grilled turkey and swiss sandwiches, beef stew
dinner: tamale pie, avocado salad

breakfast: soaked 9-grain cereal, cream, berries
lunch: carrot & lentil soup, sprouted wheat crackers
dinner: stir-fry vegetables, buckwheat soba noodles

breakfast: scrambled eggs w/spinach, toast
lunch: brown rice pasta, tomato & mushroom sauce, green beans
dinner: roasted chicken w/greens & onions, peas, salad

breakfast: berry cobbler, sweet cheese topping
lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, fruit
dinner: roasted sweet potatoes, swiss chard, pickled beets

breakfast: fried eggs & sweet potatoes, l/o chard
lunch: sloppy joes, carrot sticks w/ranch dip
dinner: chard lasagna, salad

breakfast: brown rice pudding cups
lunch: l/o lasagna, broccoli
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: l/o rice pudding cups, fruit
lunch: bbq chicken sandwiches, veggie sticks w/dip
dinner: popcorn, fruit

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2 thoughts on “Menu for March 21st – 27th

  1. Mmm… so many things on your menu look good! And I never would have thought of cobbler for breakfast – do you have a favorite recipe?

    • Hi Whitney –
      I actually do have a favorite recipe. It’s one that I modified to make it “not so dessert-y” for breakfast. You can find it under my recipes section: Soaked Whole Wheat Cobbler. 🙂

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