Menu for March 28th – April 3rd


We will be spending this week at the central California coast.  Our friends Peter and Erin are (finally!) getting married next Saturday, so we will be over at the coast helping prepare for the wedding, and hopefully spending plenty of time just hanging out together as a family!  This is the only week Brian has off from both school and work, so we’re striving to make the most of it.

We are blessed to have been given the gift of Brian’s grandfather’s old Airstream trailer.  Brian and my father have spent the last week essentially gutting and redoing the entire trailer to make it ready to use.  It’s an amazing blessing to our family – as I’m sure anyone who’s tried to tent-camp with 3 very small children can attest to. 🙂

Because we will be in a trailer, we’ll be cooking most of our meals – the same as we would if we were home.  This helps GREATLY with food costs, as even buying “fun” food (like burgers, hotdogs, steak, etc) is still cheaper (and healthier) when prepared from scratch.


breakfast: baked apple oatmeal, cream
lunch: croissant sandwiches, dried fruit trail mix
Bonfire on the Beach!

breakfast: soaked granola w/dried fruit, cream
lunch: lamb burgers, oven roasted fries, salad
dinner: steak w/mushrooms, smashed potatoes, salad

breakfast: steak & eggs, hash browns
lunch: pita sandwiches w/hummus, sprouts, falafel
dinner: hotdogs, veggie sticks

breakfast: overnight French toast, fruit salad
lunch: pigs in a blanket, peas & carrots
dinner: baked macaroni & cheese, broccoli, salad

breakfast: waffles, bananas
lunch: fish & chips
dinner: roasted bone-in chicken breasts, rice, mixed vegetables

breakfast: egg custard, fruit salad
lunch: Daddy’s Choice
dinner after wedding rehearsal

!!Peter and Erin’s Wedding!!

Be sure to join Laura each week for more than 400 other menu plans and recipe ideas!


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